As drilling schedules get changed, postponed or cancelled, operators may find themselves with surplus pipes. Petcon Tubulars can assist in reducing inventory stock

Sale of Surplus Tubing & Casing

With confidentiality agreements in place, operators can confidently provide inventory stock information into the Petcon Tubulars’ OCTG database, making it available for quick sales to other Petcon Tubulars customers.  This transparent collaboration gives us the best overview of what stock is available at any point in time in our region. 

With our global network of customers and traders, Petcon Tubulars receives inquiries that vary from single joints to full strings.  We always prioritize to reduce stock from our partners.  If we can find appropriate, available materials in stock, these will be the first offer to the customer seeking solutions. 

Contact us for any sales of surplus Tubing and Casing.